1990 VFR750R RC-30


Installed performance parts list:


Honda Racing Corporation Parts:

Jet Kit includes New Slides, Needles, Springs, and Jets

Ram Air System

Magnesium Right Side Cover with Oil View Level

Magnesium Left Side Cover with Oil Return

Magnesium High Capacity Oil Pan

Racing Exhaust with Factory Carbon Fiber and Aluminum Canister

Oil Recovery System

Magnesium Rims: 3.75 x 17" Front 6.00 x 17" Rear

Adjustable Ride Height Bracket ( Must for 17" Rear Rim )

Spare Tank Reworked to Specifications: 6.6 Gallons With Dry Brake

Front Forks Reworked to Specifications

Service Manual and Parts List


Other Performance Products:

Olins Racing Shock

PPS Steering Damper

Full Set of AirTech Bodywork and Reworked Tank Hand Painted by Troy Lee

New Dunlop Sportmax II on Rims, Original Tires on Stock Rims

Steel Braided Brake Lines with Ferodo Pads

All Stock Bodywork, Stock Tank and Parts that were removed were hand packed in boxes

Less than 1,400 miles!

This bike was used as a photo bike for some catalogs (including Troy Lee Designs) and all the performance parts installed by a factory Honda mechanic who used to work for several race teams. My RC-30 was NEVER a race bike, I thought it look trick to paint it like one since Kent from Airtech got me the race bodywork for it. I now have a PIAA headlight for it so I can go on night rides, before that I just rode it in the daytime! I always thought it would be amazing to race, but I was to afraid about crashing to ever do it! It has been a lot of fun getting all the parts together and putting them on, but the bike sits most of the time in the corner of my garage with a cover on it. I ride it just enough to keep th gas from going bad. I have all the parts to put it back to 100% stock or any where in-between. So let me know what you would like on it and what you will offer for it and I'll let you know!

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