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Here is the list of who we are riding for in 2010.

This morning, 6/15/10, my wife got the sad news that her Uncle Fred Wren pasted away from prostate cancer. Such a terrible loss to the family. The fight continues...

Another year and the fight against cancer continues. This will be the 2nd year of riding in memory of my friend Tom as part of Team TOMSTRONG and my 5th Livestrong event. Sadly, one of those we rode in honor of last year, Al Roderigues, lost his battle with cancer just a few weeks ago. He will be greatly missed by family and friends.

Earlier this year, we hit a pause button on the homefront. My wife, Suzanne, underwent surgery to remove two complex tumors from her ovaries. How fortunate we were to have the test results come back benign. I am recovering nicely from a hiking accident that occurred last summer. I tore my meniscus in several places and snapped my posterior cruciate ligament, or PCL. After 6 months of pain, I underwent surgery in December and I am currently in physical therapy . I am getting stronger every day and just got back on the bike this month. There will be some hard training ahead but I will be up for the 100 miles that awaits me in July for this great cause.

I know these times are tough for everyone, but the fight still continues. Please join me in this fight against cancer and as always if you feel up to a challenge, thereą”¬ways room for you on Team TOMSTRONG!

On the way up to this years Livestrong Challenge I was able to stop by and see Tom's wife Anne. It was really great to talk with her about Tom. She gave me some things that were Tom's to take on the ride with me. I know he would have got a kick out of this!

Team TOMSTRONG gets ready to head out.

Paul at one of the stops.

Metcalf Road with grades up to 14% was a workout.



LIVESTRONG Challenge 2009 is on the way and I am ready.

On October 24, 2008, my friend Tom Whittaker, lost his battle with brain cancer. He was only 46 years old and leaves behind his wife and two teenage daughters. I went up to Carpinteria for the Celebration of Tom's life and it was a great experience. There were so many people there and the video of all the pictures of from his life was great. As you walked in you could see what was so important to Tom, his family, cycling and the Lance Armstrong Foundation.

Tom at the Ride for the Roses

Celebration of Tom's life was at Lion's Club Park near his home in Carpinteria.

Tom's Obituary that gives some wonderful things of his life.




2008 Livestrong Challenge - Wow, what a weekend!


First, I want to thank all of you that helped me reach my goal.

The San Jose event raised over 1.5 million dollars for LAF!


My friend Brian and I left early Saturday morning for San Jose. The streets were already blocked off when we arrived that afternoon as they were setting up for the event. I got in line to pick up my packet when all of the sudden, staff began to ring bells all throughout the tent. "We have a $2500 here", said the guy helping me.  Everyone working at the event was excited about the ride.

After checking in, we headed up to my brother's place in Sausalito. We ate a late lunch and went for a great ride across the Golden Gate Bridge and around San Francisco. It was something I had always wanted to do.

The next morning we traveled down to San Jose for the ride. There were a lot of people and they all went a little crazy when Lance Armstrong came out and led us out on the 100 mile ride.

It was very cool to have police escort blocking intersections for us. There were crowds of people on the sides of the roads cheering us on. One special moment came when a women, who we could see was in full battle with cancer came up to us at traffic light and said "Thanks for riding for me!" That moment pumped us up to keep going. As we rode on,  I thought about my Mom and how happy I was that she was doing better. My friend Tom Whittaker who is still in his fight with brain cancer and I look forward to the day we can ride together again. I really can see how being involved with this helps so many people.  The 100 mile route really had some great roads and the rest stops were the best I have ever seen. It is nice to get off your bike and have great volunteers coming up, getting your water bottles and filling them for you.  There was a tough hill at the 70 mile mark, Metcalf Road. By the time we hit that, it was the heat of the day and the 2 mile,13 percent grade took it out of us! I was wishing I had a triple and not a double on my bike that day! As the miles winded down, I began to wish the ride wouldn't end. It was such a special day. Then we hit the final long block to the finish and it was like getting to the finish at the Tour de France! Tons of yellow balloons, people cheering and the announcer reading our names off as we came across the line. It was a really awesome day! If you would like to see more pictures from the event go to: then click on the San Jose Livestrong Challenge. They even have more pictures of me if search under Holland or bib #574.

The slogan for this years Livestrong Challenge is "Go Ahead. Pick a Fight!" Be prepared, I plan to be back next year to continue the FIGHT! Maybe you can join me? :-)


Take care and LIVESTRONG,

Rod Holland


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