Carbon Fiber Full Float AR Hand-Guards

Floated hand-guards are known to be one of the most important improvements 

for accuracy that can be added to an AR. Our Carbon Fiber Full Float Hand-Guards

 take this to the next level.   There are many benefits to using carbon in a   

hand-guard, here are just a few:     Weights savings,  Handles high heat and not 

transfer it back to your hand like metal would, Natural texture that feels good and 

it is extremely strong. It can even be drilled and tapped for adding accessories

 like slings, bipods, and flashlight mounts. Please look at some examples below.


Notice the tac-sling mounted on top

and it is ready for a bipod on the bottom.

20inar.jpg (135767 bytes)compar.jpg (119999 bytes)

Click on the thumb nails for large pictures on different style ARs.


Standard Shorty - $110

Ultra Light Shorty - $130

Mid-Length - $120

Standard Full - $130

Custom Size - Call for price

Custom barrel nut sizes for +1" diameter barrels $10 extra



Wrench sells for $10

We can install the hand-guards on your upper for $30 or

buy our wrench and install it yourself.